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Manage multiple projects, resources and time with SamayLa. With a registered office in New Delhi, our corporate office is in the face of the National Capital Region of India - Cyber City, Gurugram. The team is spread around UK, Jaipur, Goa, Kolkata & NCR IIM Kolkata, IIT Delhi - CS, IIT (BHU) Varanasi, Yale - Economics, Hansraj College - Delhi University. We have filed two patents for design.

At a product level SamayLa is a communication system with project management, messaging & collaboration functionalities; all brought together in a simplified intuitive interface.At a conceptual level, it changes the way one looks at work. It brings teams together to focus on specifics while giving the users a high level view to focus on the bigger picture and understand how the smaller pieces contribute to it.

At an intention level, it is a platform which makes your life simple. It opens up mind space and helps you focus on your business by avoiding the pain which comes with communicating and tracking communication.

SamayLa And The Environment

5% of revenues will be allocated for growing trees. It is an internal matter and can be changed at any point in time. Nonetheless, this amount will not be refunded back as highlighted in the Refund policy. As all taxes will still be paid towards this amount. The management has the full authority to use this money in any which way it likes or deems necessary. That is to say, the SamayLa management is in no way bound to spend this money on 'growing trees' as full taxes are being paid. Nonetheless, an annual report will be made public in the month of April every year about how this money was allocated and used. Again, the management does not want to be bound and can choose to disclose or not disclose as per how it feels.The above clauses have been placed as the management wants full freedom to do the best it can, under the circumstances, without it's initiatives being curtailed by the laws, rules and regulations which come out of tax benefits from such activities, which is the reason why it has chosen to pay taxes in full on this amount. Having said that, the management feels that this is an important initiative and will strive to do the best it can to further this initiative of growing trees.