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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SamayLa?
SamayLa is a task management system that helps you break down your tasks into multiple sub-tasks, assign them to people and collaborate. It eliminates the need of e-mails and physical meetings and helps you work from any part of the universe as long as you have an internet connection.

How does SamayLa help me after office?
The tasks created on SamayLa could be personal as well. The tasks created can help you manage personal events like parties, trips etc.

Can I send a task to somebody who is not on SamayLa?
No, only SamayLa users are allowed to create, send and manage tasks on SamayLa. As of now, SamayLa is only for business users and you can reach out to info@samayla.com for on-boarding your organisation.

What is the difference between an assignee and a follower?
The essential difference between an assignee and a follower is analogous to the difference between “To and Cc” in an email. The assignee are the people who will be working on completing the task while the followers are those who can keep an eye on the progress of the task.

I cannot delete a task, why?
You can delete a task by flipping the conversation panel and selecting the last option.

What does pinning a user essentially imply?
Pinning a user basically means that when a task has been assigned to pinned user, all the sub tasks within the task gets assigned automatically.

I am not able to edit the name of the task I created. How can I do so?
Editing the name of the tasks is not allowed on SamayLa. The idea is that since a task is treated as a normal mail which once sent cannot be retrieved, similarly once a task is created it cannot be changed.

I am not receiving messages and can't see the sent messages in a task.
Although this happens very rarely, it could be dependent on the browser you are using. There are some identified compatibility issues with the latest versions of Firefox which we are working on. A simple solution is clearing out your cache and history. If it still doesn't work, then you will have to use a different browser or click on the refresh / home button to see the new messages.

After logging in, I can't see the home screen properly.
This could be because you have disabled JavaScript on your browser. Please enable it. Enabling JavaScript process is different for different browsers. Please look it up on the internet to find the exact process for your browser.

I can't see pop ups or notifications.
This is because pop-ups on your browser are disabled. Please enable pop ups on your browser. Enabling pop-up's process is different for different browsers. Please look it up on the internet to find the exact process for your browser.

I get an error message and on refreshing, I see error 404.
This has to do with your browser history and cache storing options. Please clear the cache & cookies by going to history section in your browser and clear it. It should work fine now.


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